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American Beauty Essay. American Beauty (, Sam Mendes) is the gruesome but realistic story of a family living in a seemingly perfect suburbia. Lester Burnham, a father who is falling out of love with his wife, Carolyn Burnham, struggles to maintain a relationship with his family and despises his work.

HOME Free Essays American Beauty Film Critique. American Beauty Film Critique Essay. B. Pages:8 but also create a mood and feeling for the theme of the movie. American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes, is a film that is set in suburban America, in a normal neighbourhood, following the everyday life of the central protagonist, Lester.

The Red Rose in American Beauty Essay The Red Rose in American Beauty American Beauty, which directed by Sam Mendes, is the Best Picture Oscar The movie “American Beauty” literally is trying to express how much beauty there is in America but it is not always so easy to see.

In this essay it will go about the interrelation conflict that has been shown in such popular movie as “American Beauty”. Namely we would like to talk about the conflict between parents and their children.

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